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Services and Amenities

The Elizabethton Airport provides all the amenities of large FBOs including ice, coffee, flight planning room, exercise room, vending, pilot lounge and comfortable lobby

Hangar Services

Fuel: Delivered to the plane from AvGas and JetA fuel trucks. JetA equipped with both over-wing and single point fueling capability.

Semi-Private Hangar: The airport has 44,000 sq ft of semi-private hangar space. Including  12,000 sq ft of hangar with 26’ tall door opening to accommodate large aircraft.


T-hangars: The airport has 26 nested private T-hangars.

Car Storage

Car Storage: Frequent visitors interested in keeping a personal vehicle at the airport can take advantage of our car storage service. When you depart we wash your car and store it in our secure indoor storage area. The car is run every two weeks to keep the battery charged and delivered plane side when you next visit. The cost is $100 per month.


Rental Car:
Avis Rental Car has an office onsite. They can be reached directly at 423-543-2529.


Enterprise Rental Car serves the airport from nearby location and can be reached at 423-547-9046.


Other Ground Transportation: High Country Car Service serves many airport customers with transport to and from Mountain locations. They can be reached at 828-387-1977.

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